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Peer Review Journals

Manuscript under Review (2024)


Promoting Human Intestinal Organoid Formation and Stimulation Using Piezoelectric Nanofiber Matrices

H. M. Poling, A. Singh, M. Krutko, A.A. Reza, K. Srivastava,  J. M. Wells, M. A. Helmrath, L. Esfandiari

Manuscript under Review (2023)


Engineering Transplantable Large-Scale Innervated Human Gastrointestinal Organoids

H. M. Poling, A. Singh, G.W. Fisher, K. Thorner, P.Chaturvedi, M.R. Batie, T. Hausfeld, N. Brown,

L. Esfandiari, T. Takebe, M. A. Helmrath, M.M. Mahe

Manuscript under Review (2023)


Human pluripotent stem cell derived organoids regenerate damaged bowel in vivo

H. M. Poling, N. Sundaram, G.W. Fisher, A. Singh,  J. R Shiley, V. Govindarajah, A. R. Cortez, S. Ménoret, I. Anegon, M. Kasendra, L. Esfandiari, J. M. Wells, C. N. Mayhew, T. Takebe, M. M. Mahe, M. A. Helmrath

Manuscript under Review (2023)


The emerging role of extracellular vesicles and exogeneous stimuli on molecular mechanisms of peripheral nerve regeneration


Y. Izhiman, L. Esfandiari

Biomimetics (2023)


Innervation of an Ultrasound-Mediated PVDF-TrFE Scaffold for Skin Tissue Engineering


J. A. Westphal, A. E. Bryan, M. Krutko, L. Esfandiari, S. C. Schutte, G. M. Harris

Scientific Reports (2023)


Multiparametric Analysis of Small Extracellular Vesicles Purified by a Rapid and Label-free Lab on a Chip Device


M. Sharma, M. Sheth, H.M. Poling, D. Kuhnell, S.M. Langevin, L. Esfandiari



Ultrasound Activated Piezoelectric PVDF-TrFE Scaffolds Improve Cell Proliferation for Tissue Engineering Applications

A. E. Bryan, M.Krutko, J. Westphal, M. Sheth, L. Esfandiari, G.M. Harris

Biomaterials Advances (2022)


Mechanical stimulation of a bioactive, functionalized PVDF-TrFE scaffold provides electrical signaling for nerve repair applications

J.A. Orkwis, A.K. Wolf, Z.J. Mularczyk, A.E. Bryan, C.S. Smith, R. Brown, M. Krutko, A. McCann, R.M. Collar, L. Esfandiari, G.M. Harris

Biosensors (2022)


A Label-Free Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy for Detection of Clusters of Extracellular Vesicles Based on Their Unique Dielectric Properties

Y. Zhang, K. Murakami,V.J. Borra, M.O. Ozen, U. Demirci, T. Nakamura , L. Esfandiari

Frontiers in Oncology (2022)


Bioelectric Dysregulation in Cancer Initiation, Promotion, and Progression

M. Sheth, L. Esfandiari

Medicine (2022)


MicroRNA expression within neuronal-derived small extracellular vesicles in frontotemporal degeneration

J. Pounders, E. J. Hill, D. Hooper, X. Zhang, J. Biesiada, D. Kuhnell, H. Greenland, L. Esfandiari, E. Timmerman, F. Foster, C. Wang, K. B. Walsh, R. Shatz, D. Woo, M. Medvedovic, S. Langevin, R. Sawyer

Macromolecular Bioscience (2020)


Development of a Piezoelectric PVDF‐TrFE Fibrous Scaffold to Guide Cell Adhesion, Proliferation, and Alignment

J.A. Orkwis, A.K. Wolf, S.M. Shahid, C. Smith, L. Esfandiari, G.M. Harris

Lab on a Chip (2019)


Rapid and label-free isolation of small extracellular vesicles from biofluids utilizing a novel insulator based dielectrophoretic device

L. Shi, D. Kuhnell, V. J. Borra, S. M. Langevin, T. Nakamura, L. Esfandiari

Analytical Bioanalytical Chemistry (2019)


A rapid bioanalytical tool for detection of sequence-specific circular DNA and mitochondrial DNA point mutations​

Y. Zhang, A. Kaynak, T. Huang, L. Esfandiari

Bioelectrochemistry (2017)


Cortisol extraction through human skin by reverse iontophoresis

S. Ventura, J. Heikenfeld, T. Brooks, L. Esfandiari, S. Boyce, Y. Park, G. B. Kasting

Biosensors (2016)


PCR-independent detection of bacterial species-specific 16S rRNA at 10fM b a pore-blockage sensor

L. Esfandiari, S. Wang, S. Wang, A. Banda, G. Kocharyan, M. Lorenzini, H.G. Monbouquette, J.J. Schmidt

Analytical Chemistry (2014)


Sequence-specific DNA detection at 10fM by electromechanical signal transduction

L. Esfandiari, M. Lorenzini, G. Kocharyan, H.G. Monbouquette, J.J. Schmidt

Journal of American Chemical Society (2012)


Sequence-specific Nucleic Acid Detection from Binary Pore Conductance Measurement

L. Esfandiari, H. G. Monbouquette , J. J. Schmidt

Nanomedicine (2012)


Initial studies of mechanical compression on neurogenesis with neonatal neural stem cells

L. Esfandiari, M. Paff, W. C. Tang


US Patent: 11,559,817, Issued 2023

Using electrokinetic forces to manipulate suspended particles

L. Esfandiari

Patent Application: 62/838,015, Filed: 2019

Method of Characterizing Exosomes

L. Esfandiari

Patent Application: 2020-093, Filed: 2020

An electrokinetically-driven microchip for rapid extraction and detection of nanovesicles in situ

L. Esfandiari

Patent Application: 62/915035, Filed: 2019

Bioactive Smart Scaffold for Regenerative Medicine

L. Esfandiari, G. Harris

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